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Sheridan Capital Advisory, Inc. is a leading independent investment bank serving middle market companies operating both in the U.S. and internationally. We believe that client needs should always come first. Sometimes that means giving advice to disengage and even walk away from a transaction. Our primary goal is to guide and advise our clients to make the right decisions based on clear objectives, be this succession planning, maximizing stakeholder value or strategic fit. Public and private companies often differ in their objectives, so Sheridan works to ensure that each client fully understands the ramifications of each potential transaction or path.

We are deeply committed to client success and serve a client base that is comprised of middle-market businesses, leading private equity groups and their portfolio companies, and divisions of prominent corporations. Click here to learn more about us.

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Putting client needs first to support long term value and reputation.

We have extensive expertise in mergers, acquisitions and divestitures for a broad range of clients. We are driven by our long term unbiased focus on client needs and we thrive on these relationships to be our best marketing tool.